'Take my cheating wife and your child'

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

"Take my wife and your love child, I can't live with them!"

That is what an angry husband told the parents of his wife's boyfriend.

Shimane Mabusela of Lefiso village, near Marapyane in Mpumalanga, shocked his and the family of Koos Maepa - whom he accuses of fathering the child - by taking his wife Ouma Molala and her newborn baby and handing them over to Maepa's family.

"When the two arrived at my house with the baby we did not know that we were about to get the shock of our lives," said Koos' mother, Maria Maepa.

She said they were shocked when Mabusela said he was dumping his wife and her child with them because her son had made his wife Ouma Molala pregnant.

"The man's wife confirmed that our son was the father," Maria said. "She acted as though there was nothing wrong with what she had done."

Koos' father, Johannes, said they would wait for their son to come home to get the full story.

Mabusela confirmed the incident but said he did not dump his wife and the baby at the Maepa home. He said he had dumped them at his in-laws' place.

"She started cheating soon after we got married in 1994 and I kicked her out of our house for that," Mabusela said. "She stayed with her parents for five years.

"During that time she had four children with other men but I forgave her. I took her back, but she did the same thing. I have three children with her. They stay with me."

Molala has a total of seven children, including the one at the centre of the present row.

"I don't know where the other four come from," Mabusela said. "How can you expect me to live with someone like that?

"Would you live with a serial cheat like that? I want nothing to do with her. They can keep my lobola, their daughter is rubbish."