MEC speaks out on crime

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Crime in Mpumalanga revolves mostly around firearms, mob justice, liquor outlets, the use of drugs, witchcraft, taxi violence, organised crime and stock theft.

This was said by safety and security MEC Siphosezwe Masango in Barbeton at a meeting which, among other things, looked at issues relating to crime trends in Mpumalanga.

The meeting also took note of progress on tourism and school safety and progress on community safety forums.

Masango said though illegal firearms are mostly used in crimes, legal firearms are also sometimes used.

"The police recorded 14 cases of murder in Mpumalanga over the past weekend," Masango said.

"The murders were mostly a result of firearms, knives and domestic violence.

"Mob justice is also regarded as a contributor to crime since crime suspects get killed by community members who take the law into their own hands."

He said the most affected areas were Masoyi and Matsulu.

The MEC said people usually committed crime after consuming too much alcohol at liquor outlets that do not comply with the conditions of their operating licences.

"The involvement of security guards in the taxi industry also contributes to crime because most of them have illegal firearms that they use during taxi violence," Masango said.