stars come out to play

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack will take their fans on a magic carpet ride when they perform at Carnival City in Brakpan tonight.

"You have to be a bit in love with the person you are doing collaborations with, otherwise your performance will not be convincing nor provide that magic people want to see," Bryson said.

He said all the countries he visits provided great backdrops for his songs.

"The emotion comes naturally because I would have lived the experience.

"Africa is inherently me and that enriches the experience."

Flack excitedly agreed that their collaborations were out of this world.

"Besides the fact that Peabo is an amazingly talented musician with a great voice, our collaborations work because we feel each other.

"We sing from our hearts and we write great music, with meaning. We keep our music fresh and keep our minds fresh."

Bryson and Flack have been doing gigs together for a long time.

" Born To Love , our first live album, went amazingly well," Flack said.

Needless to say, a lot of songs and shows have gone down since those days. The mutual love they share for their craft, the talent that oozes from their every pore, the mutual admiration, respect and dedication that has evolved over time, is obviously the glue that binds them.

They concluded the animated chatter by promising their fans an amazing show that will take them through sizzling classics.