RECRUIT: Hlomla Dandala has come out in support of the new party. 01/11/08. Pic. Mohau Mofokeng. © Sowetan.
RECRUIT: Hlomla Dandala has come out in support of the new party. 01/11/08. Pic. Mohau Mofokeng. © Sowetan.

Ido lekota

Ido lekota

Having won the psychological war with its successful national convention, the Shikota initiative is now going full steam to break the political mould by drawing even TV personalities into its ranks.

Yesterday actor and TV personality Hlomla Dandala confirmed that he is helping to draw the youth into supporting the soon-to-be launched party announced at the end of the convention on Sunday.

Dandala said he wanted to be involved because he "saw how the original narrative of what a new South Africa should be was being abused and corrupted".

He said the South African youth also needed a new organisation because the ANCYL was misrepresenting them.

"There are things that define us as people - including the culture of respect, the love for peace and the ability to talk before taking up arms. But when one sees and hears someone misrepresenting us so badly on these issues, then it is time for us to stand up," said Dandala.

He said what also drove him was his admiration "for the bravery shown by Mosiuoa Lekota who has come out to say this far but no further".

"It is wrong to remain seated when brave men stand up," said Dandala.

Dandala also confirmed that he was part of a group of young South Africans who would support the formation of a youth wing for the new party.

Dandala said it was wrong to think that politics should be left to the politicians only.

Yesterday former ANCYL member Anele Mda - who is now part of the committee coordinating the formation of the new youth movement - said it was important to have individuals like Dandala who come from sectors where people were normally indifferent to politics.

Both Dandala and Mda have called on the youth to register on November 8 and 9 - the two days set aside by the Independent Electoral Commission for voter registration.

"South Africa is like our garden, we cannot stand by and watch the weeds grow in it. It's our responsibility to keep it clean. We can only do so by first registering to vote and then voting in the forthcoming elections," said Dandala.

Mda said young people should go and register so that they can vote for change.

She said by voting the youth would be showing that "not only did they appreciate the democracy the country won in 1994 but also that they were prepared to defend it".

Yesterday, former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa, who is part of the new party's steering committee, confirmed that it would be called the South African Democratic Congress (Sadec).

Shilowa said his party was going to contest next year's elections to become the new ruling party.

Unfortunately, Sadec leaders have subsequently discovered that the name they had chosen already existed in the form of a party led by former Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) general secretary Ziba Jiyane. The party's acronym is Sadeco.