Zuma charms Soweto crowd

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

Soweto's Jabulani Amphitheatre reminds me of the Roman colosseums, where criminals would fight a tiger to the death.

Fortunately the only mauling done yesterday was of the ANC's opponents as its president, Jacob Zuma, swept in like a tsunami.

From 7am, his supporters poured in. Mothers with babies, the disabled in wheelchairs, Shembe church members in white, ANC Women's League in green.

And they all came to see and hear their leader JZ. Despite the heat, the crowd sat captivated throughout his 90 minute speech.

There's no doubt the man can work a crowd. It eats from the palm of his hand. and he knows it.

And like a good politician he knows how to score points - crime, education, housing and health, all subjects close to the hearts of those gathered and areas he promised would be improved on.

Gladys Phiri from Potchefstroom said: "We left home at 4am support a man we believe in. He is the only man to lead this country ."

With ANC flags flying proudly and the speeches done, it was time for the rendition of Zuma's trademark song Umshini wam'.

With that he was then off to another appointment.