Lekota, George are 'harbouring stolen arms'

Ido lekota

Ido lekota

Former defence minister Mosiuoa Lekota and his former deputy, Mluleki George, who are initiating a breakaway party from the ANC, have been called to account for their alleged failures during their tenure in government.

In a statement yesterday, the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) stopped short of accusing the two of being involved in the disappearance of arms from the SANDF during their tenure.

Popcru spokesman Benzi ka Soko warned the public that Lekota and George could be harbouring the arms to use them against those opposed to their initiative to form a new party.

Ka Soko said Lekota was on record as saying he was prepared to die, "which if put differently, means that he is also prepared to do anything to avoid dying".

"What is it that Lekota has in his possession that gives him the audacity to declare war?

"We deserve to know and, more importantly, we deserve to know the whereabouts of the missing weapons.

Ka Soko called for an independent investigation into the disappearance of the weapons.

Ka Soko also attacked Lekota "for now playing custodian of the rule of law after defying the very same rule of law.