'I always buy The Look for customers'

Cate Angus' Pic. Unknown
Cate Angus' Pic. Unknown

What is the most interesting aspect of your job as a buyer for Paul Smith?

The best part of buying the ladies wear range is translating the various collections into a cohesive range in our stores.

Have you always been involved in fashion?

I studied fashion. In some way I have always been involved in fashion.

What was your most exciting experience as a buyer?

Each buying season has its highlights and the most exciting part would have to be the shows.

Which season is your favourite to buy for?

Definitely winter because there is just so much more depth to the collections, with more interesting textures and fabrics being used.

Which item of the Paul Smith clothing range tends to sell the best?

I would have to say shirts because a wellcut, fitted shirt will go a long way to seeing you through the season and is a classic that you will always keep. A well-cut shirt fulfills many dress needs and can be used for any occasion.

Does your own taste come into play when you are buying - or are you dictated to by what is available?

Neither. I buy into "The Look" of the season, always with the customer in mind.

Do you ever have to travel as part of your job as a buyer?

Yes, to all the Paul Smith shows.

What is the most exciting place you have been on a working trip?

Definitely London. I love the energy, the culture, the history and the fashion of the vibrant city.

What happens to items that have not been sold?

We have an end of season sale to make way for the new season.

5 Tips for readers

l Make sure you add a brightly-coloured skinny belt to your season's wardrobe.

l Pussy-bow necklines are a key look for the season ahead.

l Highlight cinched in waists - think 50s inspired silhouettes.

l Invest in a well-cut suit in a versatile colour such as charcoal.

l Everything looks fabulous with high heels.