'he grabbed my throat'

Riot Hlatshwayo

A case of assault has been opened against a station commissioner who allegedly hit a cop after a suspect had escaped.

A prisoner awaiting trial escaped from a hospital where he was being treated after allegedly being sodomised .

Reliable sources close to the Hoedspruit police station told Sowetan that the incident happened on October 10 in front of other cops.

"An assault case was opened by an inspector against the station commissioner who assaulted him," the sources said.

"The matter has been kept a close secret but the station commissioner does not stop abusing members, especially women."

The drama started when the supposedly injured prisoner said he needed urgent medical attention.

Station commissioner Superintendent Daniel Moota Ramakgoakgoa dispatched two members under his command, Inspector Nelson Magonyane and Constable Khensani Innocent Maluleke, to take the prisoner to hospital.

Our sources say the prisoner was unable to walk and was put on a drip.

The policemen allegedly left the prisoner with a doctor in a consulting room but a few minutes later he'd disappeared - drip and all.

The station commissioner demanded an explanation.

"One of the cops was explaining that they did not believe the suspect could escape since he was unable to walk because of injuries to the anus and the fact that he had been put on a drip," the sources said.

"It was then that the station commissioner exploded."

Ramakgoakgoa allegedly grabbed Magonyane by the throat, pushed him around and punched him.

Magonyane allegedly told Ramakgoakgoa that he could not do anything since he was under his command.

But he laid charges last week.

Police confirmed the incident and the assault case .