Fun and games in BBA3 house

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Tawana, the emerging harlot of Big Brother Africa 3, once again bagged the beneficial title of head of the house.

Preening like a peacock, she seems to be in limbo, uncertain about her relationship with the recently returned Munya.

On the other hand she no longer enjoys the warm comfort of sexy hot Ricco, whom the girls really throw themselves at.

Last week saw her cosy up to Johan who was visiting BBA3 for a week. Not for lack of trying, Tawana failed to sample the Finnish man who visited the house.

The Cameroonian seemed to calm everyone down. He told the housemates stories and he listened in wonder, temporarily sheathing their very sharp claws. Unfortunately for them, he also left yesterday.

Uganda's Morris found out that he is not invincible when he had his first taste of nomination for eviction this week.

Furious to the point of becoming a human tornado, he lashed out at poor Ricco, berating him for failing to keep quiet even when it meant averting a catastrophe.

An angry Morris is a dangerous cheetah on the prowl. He must just go before he finishes off Ricco or any other unlucky person who doesn't stroke his ego.

Nominated alongside him is nonstarter couple Hazel and Thami.

If by some luck Morris survives the chop, then Hazel must go back to lake Malawi. She has been tremendously inhospitable to our Thami. And playing the domestic mam is not enough. If ever there was any time to show patriotism, this is it.

Thami must stay and that can only happen if we vote for him!

Interestingly, BBA3 has given the house mates dolls they are supposed to treat like real children.