Care for clothes to make them last

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

With the economic crunch facing the world and the cost of clothing increasing all the time, now has never been a better time to take care of your clothes.

Anita Brown, of Sparkling Laundry Services, says if you don't take care of clothes and accessories properly, they can easily lose their shape and end up looking old, stretched and worn.

She says clothes need to rest.

"Make sure items in your wardrobe are rotated on a daily basis. Suits, for example, should rest at least one full day before being worn again.

"Hang or fold clothes every time you take them off, to allow them to drape back into their intended shape and ensure no unwanted creasing."

Brown adds that clothes need to be aired to prevent odours from becoming absorbed and creases taking shape.

"Brush off accumulated dust. Dust can prematurely deteriorate and age garments.

"For best results, use a natural bristle brush and, when washing, make sure clothes are turned inside out to preserve colour and prevent fading. Also, zip up any zippers to prevent snagging."

Brown says that softener can be very helpful in making the clothes softer to touch and easier to iron, and an extra rinse on the washing cycle can help remove any possible residue.

"Always follow the cleaning instructions. When ironing, place a damp cloth between the iron and fabric to preserve the garments original colour and ensure it remains as undamaged as possible," says Brown.

More tips

l Don't wash unnecessarily.

l Don't wash clothes that are not dirty. Often, airing and brushing clothes is enough.

l Suits must be dry cleaned.

l Clean the jacket and trousers at the same time so that they stay the same colour.

l Empty pockets and turn jeans and coloured clothes inside out.

l Follow the label instructions.

l Do not overdo the detergent. The results won't be better and excess detergent can stick to clothes.

l When ironing, stick to the recommended temperatures.

l Iron clothes starting with the most delicate items to the most hard-wearing.

l Do not let the iron come into direct contact with the suit.


Retain the shape by stuffing with socks, stockings or tissue, and placing in an old pillow case.


Never wear your bra two days in a row. The elastic materials need a day to "rest" and regain their shape. Always wash in cool water and air dry. -