We need good leaders now

Now is the time for real leaders to stand up and be counted.

Now is the time for real leaders to stand up and be counted.

We need good leaders who will calm the situation and not escalate it.

Current events are scary and will, if nothing is done, lead to violence. We don't need war. We need stability and peace, irrespective of who is president of the country.

Leaders and their followers must show political tolerance. People should be able to engage in free and fair debate without fear or favour.

We should not be held to ransom by political parties fighting to survive - at our expense.

I am not in favour of Mosiuoa Lekota but it was wrong for ANC supporters to ambush the Orange Farm meeting.

The Polokwane conference was peaceful and people with opposing views did not protest there. The same happened at the January 12 statement meeting in Atteridgeville.

Why now, when others are mobilising supporters are they being disrupted by the ANC, which preaches democracy?

I grew up in a violent country before 1994 and I don't want my kids to experience that life.

The electorate will decide so it is no use fighting, guys, because you are not assured of our votes.

No amount of swearing and name-calling will change our views.

In 2009 we will vote for peace and stability.

Abram Nkosi, Phola Park