15 years later and still no ID for mother

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Martha Moiloa should have started to receive her old-age pension at least three years ago

But the 63-year-old mother cannot access her pension because she does not have an identity document.

Moiloa, from Orlando in Soweto, said her ID was destroyed when the house in Tladi she lived in was burnt down in 1993.

"The house caught fire and the family lost many of their valuables. She has been without an ID ever since," said her nephew, Abraham Moiloa.

"Her life has basically been halted. It seems there is no trace of her at the Home Affairs department."

The last letter from the department, in 2006, said that her case was referred to a regional office to investigate.

"My peers are getting the much needed old-age pension while I cannot do anything.

"I just need to get my life back," said Moiloa.

Joseph Mohajane, spokesman for the Home Affairs department, admitted that 15 years was a long time not to have received a new ID.

He said that Moiloa's case would be re-investigated.