Unforgettable helping of luxury

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

The beauty and hospitality of the five-star VIP Grand Maputo Hotel in Mozambique's capital is unforgettable.

The hotel is located in Maputo Bay in the Avenida 25 de Setembro, one of the most prestigious commercial areas.

It is close to the main government departments and embassies and only 15 minutes from Mavane International Airport. The hotel is also close to all tourist destinations.

Just park your car and walk around the city. It's a great way to experience Maputo.

A few metres from the hotel is the Exhibition Pavilion of Facim.

VIP Grand Maputo has 204 modern rooms with 12 suites. There are also two rooms for people with special needs.

All the rooms are decorated in a practical and comfortable style and the hotel is suitable for both leisure and business.

It also has six fully equipped conference rooms to accommodate between 15 and 250 people. Its congress centre can accommodate 1 000 people.

Still under construction is a very sophisticated gym.

The room I stayed in was fit for a president.

Some of the guests I spoke to described the rooms as "exquisite", but for me all of them were grand presidential suites.

I especially enjoyed the super-sized bed in the super-sized room. It was really big and it gave me all the freedom I needed to unwind.

My stay at VIP Grand Maputo was an eye-opener and a very enriching experience in true hospitality.

The reception staff was very friendly and displayed permanent smiles.

The young ladies and gentlemen serving me delicious food and drinks in the dining room also served guests a big helping of real African ubuntu.

I loved the lounge for lounging around.

The sofas there were comfortable and the area offered true solitary peace of mind.

I used the area a lot - to read newspapers and magazines and to observe from a distance the real beauty of the hotel's décor and breathtaking architecture.

After walking for an hour on the streets of the city some officials from Mpumalanga's provincial government and I visited Maputo Port and some agricultural projects in the vicinity.

We also went to lay wreaths and pay our respects to the South African martyrs who were killed in exile during our country's liberation struggle.

Honouring our liberation heroes at the Lhanguene Cemetery was a moving experience.

Struggle veteran Ruth First, who was killed when a parcel bomb was sent to her, and heroes of the Matola massacre paid the ultimate price for their people's freedom.

The hotel's hospitality does not begin and end at the reception and dining area because a staff member invariably comes around to your bedroom to check if you need anything and to leave behind something delicious.

I especially enjoyed the delicious chocolate and the beautiful smile of the friendly and gorgeous young lady.

nThe writer was in Mozambique as a guest of the Mpumalanga provincial government.