Desperate ANC fears genuine opposition

The ANC leadership tells the public that the splinter group's leaders are angry - but there are clear signs that it is them that are angry, confused and afraid of strong political opposition.

A desperate situation calls for desperate measures. The ANC is desperate, so it uses foul language against its opponents.

Its leaders call Terror Lekota and his people dogs, donkeys, terrorists, charlatans, dead snakes and monkeys. The ANC is acting like a jilted lover who can't accept that the affair is over.

This is counter-productive and proves that the leadership will not tolerate opposition.

Angie Motshekga, Julius Malema, Senzo Mchunu and others are using Zanu-PF tricks. They indirectly incite violence by lying about the ANC being under attack and asking members to defend it.

In Zimbabwe the ruling elite said Zanu-PF was under attack and should be defended. They did not say how but left it to the imagination of the green bombers, war veterans and militia.

Some ANC leaders indirectly encourage members to disrupt Lekota's meetings. It is clear that there are hooligans in the leadership.

What Lekota is doing is in the best interest of South Africa - a strong, viable and sustainable alternative.

South Africans must not be deceived. Our young democracy is exemplary. Let us not spoil that.

B Moloi, Jabulani