The law a tool to govern

The ANC is having the last laugh as they dismantle the Scorpions.

The ANC is having the last laugh as they dismantle the Scorpions.

How ironic, though! Their leader is preaching being tough on crime while he is disbanding the most effective crime-fighting unit in the country.

This is clearly a political solution for all those corrupt ANC leaders. It paves the way for corrupt people to operate without fear of the law.

I guess being in the ANC makes one a citizen above other citizens. The law is only a tool to govern.

It is not surprising that instead of welcoming competition from the proposed new political party - which is good for multiparty democratic states such as South Africa - they are trying to stop its formation by calling Mosiuoa Lekota and his comrades dogs and donkeys.

Some are even threatening that Lekota et al must not come anywhere near KwaZulu-Natal to get support for the party. Yet Jacob Zuma has pointed out how mature our democracy is and how the ANC respects the rule of law.

Every individual has a right to form a political party. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution and includes mobilising and selling your ideas within the borders of the country without fear of intimidation or threat of violence.

Let the people decide which political party they want to support.

Anyway, there is nothing we can do about the Scorpions. Let the ANC disband the unit and they will truly be the African National Corruption.

Tshepo Rametse, GaRamokgopa