groping angel

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Afro-funk sensation Sliq Angel was caught groping a mystery woman in the women's toilet at a popular family restaurant.

This happened at the Dros Restaurant in Auckland Park, Joburg. The muso, of Amantongomane fame, started smooching with the woman in the corridor, scarcely conscious of other patrons.

When the blood started boiling and the breathing got heavier, he followed the woman into the toilet.

One of the waitresses, Veronica Sibanda, followed the couple after receiving complaints from 'pissed off' patrons.

Sibanda told us: "My customers said they were worried this guy was exposing their children to explicit things. I went in and found them kissing and fondling."

She said Sliq Angel got angry when she told him to leave.

Another source said: "What they did was disgusting. The guy even had the nerve to complain to the manager when the waitress told him to stop."

The manager, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed the incident.

When confronted the singer acknowledged the incident but denied entering the women's toilet.