give me my child back or i will kill you both

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This is what Happy Mosoma may soon discover if the threats by the mother of his daughter are anything to go by.

Mosoma is secretary of the African People's Convention Youth League in Bushbuckridge.

The woman, Khensani Mathonsi, of Acornhoek near Bushbuckridge, has threatened to kill Mosoma and their three-year-old daughter if she is not allowed to take the child back.

This comes after she dumped the child outside Mosoma's home when the child was only a year old.

Mathonsi confirmed to Sowetan that she had dumped the child, but said that was because Mosoma was a "useless bastard" who had failed to support the baby.

She also confirmed that she had threatened Mosoma and the child with death if she was not given the child.

"Yeah, that child stayed in my womb for nine months, and a man who just enjoyed making the baby does not want me to keep her. Over my dead body.

"I will kill both of them," said Mathonsi.

She said Mosoma had failed to support her during her pregnancy and for the whole year after the child was born, although he was employed.

"He is stubborn and I believe that is why he lost his job at the bank. He keeps on talking about politics but fails to maintain the child.

"I thought he would support the child when she was with him, but he does not and I'm not going to allow any of that nonsense," said Mathonsi.

Mosoma denied that he does not support the child, and claimed that the woman was "crazy" and she did not have any manners.

"She is always shouting when she speaks. She does not have respect and fails to realise that I'm a man.

"It's a pity I realised this after the child was born, but I told her it was over between us and that I would continue supporting the child," said Mosoma.

"She wants me to marry her and says she will kill me if I don't. I fear for my life but I'm not sure if the police wouldn't laugh at me if I report the case," said Mosoma.