Traditional leader and teacher faces robbery rap

Benson Ntlemo

Benson Ntlemo

A well-known Limpopo school teacher and traditional leader, Freddie Shikundu, has suffered a double blow.

The magistrate who was to hear his robbery case was not available and his bail application was postponed. And to make matters worse his lawyer in a fraud case withdrew.

Shikundu was arrested on allegations that he was part of a group that tried to rob a bottle store at Nkavela village.

A teacher at Manghena Primary School in Malamulele, he is also a deputy chief in Xikundu village.

Shikundu, 49, appeared with his brother-in-law, Doctor Monareng, 27, of Bushbuckridge and Albert Macebele, 38, of Jerome village in Malamulele.

He was supposed to apply for bail on Monday but the case was postponed to next Monday.

Shikundu is also facing several counts of fraud and malicious damage to property.

The case had allegedly been allocated three days to be finalised but was also postponed after the court showed Shikundu a letter from his lawyer informing him that he would no longer represent him.

Shikundu asked to be given two weeks to get a new lawyer and this was granted.

The case has been postponed to November 12.

A large number of members of the Xikundu civic movement - who are vehemently opposed to Shikundu's role as a traditional leader - went to voice their protest in front of the court.