Romance scarce in BB house

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Once again Angola's Ricco made it to the nomination list, alongside Zambia's TK.

The amiable Angolan is still a tad upset about his bedmate's departure. Ricco's nights were kept warm and cosy by newly evicted Ghanaian Mimi.

Now he is flying solo in a BBA3 house that has gone thin on the fairer sex.

After Mimi, Sheila, Lucille and Latoya's evictions, Tawana and Hazel are the only two representing the women of Africa. Nigerian Uti's departure has left five men in the house.

Previously, Ricco was nominated for three consecutive weeks, but survived without even a stroke against his name. Last weekend was the only time he had a brief respite from nomination and possible eviction.

TK, on the other hand, is on everybody's hit list. His woes started when he was head of house, twice in a row.

Everyone lived in fear of being replaced by TK in a bid to save himself every time he was nominated. Housemates were divided, either petrified or harbouring a deep resentment towards him.

Even Kenya's Sheila, who slept in his bed, did not trust him, insisting he could easily nominate himself. Now everybody in the house and onthe continent wants the man with the hideous jersey out.

Things were getting heated after Zimbabwe's Munya and Tawana had sex on Thursday morning. Obviously unable to keep their hands off each other, they were at it again like rabbits on Saturday morning. By taking Munya to another BB house in Finland for a couple of days, Big Brother has put a spanner in the works.

Meantime, the boring Malawian Hazel is busy holding out on our Thami. She has him on a tight leash, calling and dismissing him at will. I would like to think he is not as smitten as he looks, that his compromise is part of his strategy.

Finland's Johan has provided a welcome diversion, but with both girls taken, he has no one to play with unless he plays house with Tawana, who seems to spend a lot of time with him.