Food costs eat increase

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Beneficiaries of government social grants have said though the welfare increases were not enough, they were better than nothing.

In his medium-term budget speech yesterday, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said the old age, disability, child support and care dependency grants were increased by R20 each a month.

Rachel Seleke, 62, said the R20 increase would not make any difference in her budget.

"I take care of my sick child and a grandchild whose mother died this year. The money is not enough to feed and take care of the whole family," said Seleke.

She said more than half of her money was spent on food. She pays R150 for funeral cover.

Ethel Tshabalala, 72, of Orlando East said no one else could afford to give her the monthly pension.

"We know that things have become expensive these days, especially food. The R20 is not much but I am thankful for it."