Tawana, Munya let rip in hot Big Brother shag fest

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

It was scandalous.

There was sex on Big Brother Africa yesterday, and M-Net has stopped short of admitting the ultimate Big Brother event which happened in broad daylight.

Africa witnessed Botswana's Tawana and Zimbabwe's Munya unashamedly warming their knees with their pants.

On an uncomfortably warm day the two who rut under the duvet covers surprised everyone when they engaged in sex live on the show. Viewers were left spellbound as the two made love complete with sexual sounds and moves.

Well, it was bound to happen if you ask me.

With horny Tawana who is generous with blow jobs, the odds were pretty high it would happen. Not so long ago she surprised everyone when she gave Uganda's TK a blow job. The event left the tongues of viewers wagging, with some saying the show had crossed the line.

A shy-sounding Carl Fisher, M-Net's director of local productions, told Sowetan yesterday that there was "activity" but he is not sure what it was.

"What I can say is that the two are in love."

Fisher added that they supply all the housemates with condoms and gave them sex education before they came to the house.