Chief invites disco singers to school

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Shangaan disco singer Marhoya says he considers it a privilege to be invited to perform in Xigalo village, Limpopo, this weekend.

Marhoya and fellow stablemate Nurse Matlala released their music videos last week, and will both perform on Saturday. They have been invited by Chief Xigalo to bid farewell to Grade 7 pupils.

"To be invited by your own chief to perform is a privilege for any artist. As a learned musician and role model, I hope I will be able to motivate the students at Ximbambana Primary School," he said.

Marhoya, who co-owns Magwagwaila Productions with Jozi FM DJ Mkon'wana, has promised his Limpopo fans a good time.

After performing at the school, the two artists will later perform at Magumuza tavern, also in Xigalo, for free.