ANC must make peace

I am very disappointed with what is happening in the ANC.

I am very disappointed with what is happening in the ANC.

To those who favour Mosioua Lekota I would like to say it is dangerous to act in anger, because once the anger is gone you'll realise that you've killed or divorced someone unnecessarily and it will be too late to turn back.

Lekota must go back to his party, humble himself and become part of one peaceful big team again.

Those who favour Jacob Zuma must not fight fire with fire. Remember that this party is for the people by the people.

Saying a new party will not affect the ANC is wishful thinking. Remember that Goliath was killed by David and an ant once killed an elephant.

I listen to talk shows on various radio stations and it is fair to say that the combined opposition parties could get up to 50 percent of the votes.

So the ANC leadership should not take anything lightly because they might rue the day the ANC has to share with other parties.

Let's pray for a peaceful ANC and people must stop blaming Lekota alone. Blade Nzimande and Zwelinzima Vavi also talk too much and they are not even members of the ANC.

People keep on blaming one person but what about Julius Malema? Many people say they won't vote for the ANC because of him.

Pat Manana,Soweto