Secret regime of the well-groomed

Tip 1

Tip 1

Get a skin-care regime. If you don't always act your age, why should you have to look it?

A simple skin-care regime, face wash, facial scrub and moisturiser can really make a difference.

Tip 2

In order to get the most from your skin-care regime, use products designed for your skin type.

For example, if you have oily skin you should be using an oil-free moisturiser; and if you have sensitive skin look for a moisturiser with built-in sun protection.

The well-groomed man should have a clear, clean complexion.

Tip 3

Eyes are always a giveaway, whether it be revealing your true age or the fact that you were galavanting last night and not working on that report!

Use a specialist eye cream to get rid of puffiness and any tell- tale wrinkles and, hey presto, no one need ever know the truth!

Tip 4

If you want great-looking and healthy skin, drink plenty of water - at least 1,5 litres a day.

Tip 5

A well-groomed male needs to learn how to shave properly. The art of the perfect shave is disappearing fast.

Shave after a shower or use plenty of hot water.

Use a good-quality razor rather than a disposable one. Invest in a shave brush and use a good quality shaving crème and apply it with the brush.

Tip 6

Male body grooming is also essential. Shower every morning, and when necessary use a body wash - not a regular soap - to avoid drying out your skin.

Use a good antiperspirant deodorant to help regulate sweat throughout the day.

Tip 7

Get a good haircut, one that suits both your face and your hair type. Not sure what the latest fashion is or what will look good?

Get an appointment at a salon, not your local barber, and get advice from those in the know.

If your hair is thinning, keep it short and please, please no comb overs!

Tip 8

Eat a healthy, balanced diet and get some regular exercise. Keep your intake of fast food to a minimum, and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Not only will you feel better and have more energy but it will improve the look of your skin and your hair.

Tip 9

Everyone notices a killer smile, so make sure you clean your teeth twice a day.

Use a mouthwash and brush your tongue to keep your breath smelling fresh for longer.

Tip 10

Get yourself a manicure or at least keep your nails trimmed and clean. And please, no nail biting -