Award winner 'stole my song'

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Maskandi singer Ali Mgube is fuming. He claims one of his songs was stolen by another singer who won the composer's award at the SA Traditional Music Awards two weeks ago.

Mgube told Sowetan that he felt sick to his stomach when he saw Mtshengiseni Gcwensa accepting the award for an album he did not compose alone.

"I was angry when Gcwensa went to the podium to pick up a best composer award that does not belong to him," Mgube said.

"The song he stole was famous and I knew his album was judged on that. My creativity benefited the success of his album, and that should count."

He said he spoke to Gcwensa last year about the song and Gcwensa admitted stealing it.

"He said he knew the song was mine but it was not in black and white. I never got any recognition. I did not pursue the matter at the time because at that time he was fighting with (maskandi artist) Mgqumeni."

Gcwensa, who scooped Best Song of the Year, Bestselling Album and Best Composer of the Year awards denied the accusations.

"Ali is not known and is trying hard to be recognised," Gcwensa said. "He steals people's songs and releases them as his own.

"He is bitter because I am winning awards. He should understand that I was nominated by people who listen to my music."