Quality teachers needed

The African Christian Democratic Party believes teachers should be accountable and we fully support initiatives to ensure quality education, training and support.

It is pointless employing inspectors if there is no training and support.

Over a decade the government has experimented with multiple methods of supervising and evaluating teachers. The first was thrown out in favour of Kader Asmal's Whole School Evaluation, which was also discarded. Now a fourth attempt is on the horizon.

This trial-and-error approach has taken its toll on already overburdened teachers reeling under never-ending policy and curriculum changes.

Sadtu is not alone in its concerns about teacher development. Development should not be implemented in a way that is seen as a negative or disadvantages teachers.

The issue also should not be whether teachers train in their own time. There must be incentives and substitute teachers must be available.

Teachers who bring the profession into disrepute must be disciplined and barred from the profession, especially where children are abused or their wellbeing is compromised.

But teachers are of utmost value and will not be better teachers if bullied, spied on or treated like the enemy.

Mvula Mnisi,ACDP provincial leader, Mpumalanga