gare, poetry in motion

Bongani Magasela

Bongani Magasela

William "Dynamite" Gare put on an exhibition of boxing artistry free of charge on hundreds of fight fans at Bloemfontein City Hall last Friday night.

So proficient was he that even those fans who knew nothing about boxing appreciated Gare's finesse, ballerina-like movement as well as his dexterity.

Gare was up against a killer in Velecky Jindrich, the powerhouse from the Czech Republic who did not only want the World Boxing Foundation (WBF) super middleweight belt, but also intended to "decapitate" Gare.

Velecky, who boasted a scary knockout ratio of 13 from 14 wins, came at Gare in the first two rounds and unleashed power punches to the head and body.

Gare weathered the storm like the seasoned fighter he is, after 14 years in the game. He had to be cautious because he knew nothing about Velecky.

Standing in front of Velecky was suicidal, so Gare fought from the back foot, and most of the time with his back against the ropes.

He found the appropriate formula to nullify Velecky's power in round five as he used his majestic lateral movement and threw Velecky off with his stabbing jab.

At times Gare surprised Velecky by standing toe-to-toe with him and still won the close fight through speed and accuracy. If Gare had power, a number of his 25 victims would not have lasted the distance.

This 33-year-old champion, who has only five stoppages from 25 wins, against 14 defeats, registered a deserved lopsided points win of 119-110, 120-108 and 119-109. That was his second defence.

Their fight topped Robs Promotions' bill that formed part of the Mangaung Cultural Festival. .

Bongani Mwelase won the WBF welterweight title and Thabiso Mchunu the WBA Pan African cruiserweight belt. Mwelase blew Argentinian Juan Carlos Villereal away in the first round, and Mchunu did the same to Marciano Commery from Ghana.

Meanwhile, Kaizer Mabuza won both the SA and WBA Pan African junior welterweight belts when he defeated South African champion Sam Malinga on points.

Khotso Motau suffered a first round knockout defeat against Namibian Wilbeforce Shihepo in a super middleweight clash .

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