Make a statement, be bold with earrings

Earrings are a fantastic way to personalise your style and complete an outfit.

Earrings are a fantastic way to personalise your style and complete an outfit.

According to Iko Mash, a stylist in Johannesburg, you can make a statement by choosing the right earrings.

"The secret is to look for something that you would normally probably never think of wearing," Mash says.

"But make sure that it is cute too."

She says one should go for big earrings because "big is in".

"They should be round and solid and in gold or silver," Mash advises.

Angel Gallagher, a jeweller in Sandton, says the secret is never to pick a pair of earrings that matches your outfit completely because "that's way too boring".

"The colour of the earrings plays a very important part," Gallagher says.

"So if you are wearing lightcoloured clothes, earrings with pearls or light-coloured stones or diamonds are the right choice.

"If you are wearing darkcoloured clothes, pure gold, coral or dark-coloured stones really look great.

"For example, if your outfit is pink, make your earrings black or white, or even black and pink together. Never just one single colour unless it reflects various shades of that colour."

Gallagher says the only exception is that when you have just one colour in an earring you have to make sure that the top you are wearing is not the same colour because then the earrings won't bring out the outfit.

According to Gallagher very big earrings make your head look small.

"Get something that fits your head," she says. " If your head is big get big earrings and if you have a small head go for small earrings."

Here are some tips:

lChoose earrings that compliment the shape of your face.

"Rectangular faces have more length than width and need earrings that do not emphasise length. Small studs work well. Long dangling earrings should be avoided.

lRound faces have almost the same width as length and need earrings to provide length, such as long, dangling or rectangular earrings.

lBalance a heart-shaped face. Heart-shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and cheeks that narrow to a point on the chin.

This face is complimented by adding width at the jaw line with triangular or chandelier style earrings.

lPick anything for an oval face.

People with oval faces are lucky because their faces are very proportionate and they can wear almost any style of earrings to enhance their appearance.

lChoose earrings that compliment your size. Petite women need earrings that bring the viewer's eye up. If you like dangling earrings pay attention to the space between the ears and shoulders.

Longer earrings will cover that space and give the appearance of a short neck.

Ladies of average height are not restricted by height. They can wear any style of earrings that also flatters their face shape.

Tall women should pay attention to the space between their ears and shoulders so that the earrings don't get lost.

lWhat do you want your jewellery's focal point to be? If you want to focus attention on the necklace you're wearing keep the earrings simple.

lWhat makes you feel good? This is the most important factor. If you don't feel good in what you're wearing you won't look your best.

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