Chiefs cry foul over 'tribalism'

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

Two Limpopo chiefs in the Tzaneen area claim they are being sidelined by the government for development.

Chiefs Bessie Maake and Ledikwa Mogoboya have called on the provincial department of roads and transport to explain why only Xitsonga-speaking chiefs are benefitting from government programmes.

Claims that only Xitsonga-speaking leaders benefit

This was after the department had placed road signs on the junctions of major roads and turn-offs leading to palaces of Xitsonga traditional leaders.

The chiefs say this makes it difficult for tourists, who are supposed to boost the economy, to locate their areas.

They claim lack of signage on their roads is a death sentence for their heritage, and has a negative effect on the area's economy.

Signage on roads is like a death sentence

Maake says her area boasts one of the major business developments, Maake Plaza, which is to be officially opened in two weeks, but there is nothing highlighting this development.

She accuses the department and the Tzaneen municipality of "tribalism" and "favouritism".

Meanwhile, communities in the GaMogoboya area have also expressed concern because their chief, Sakia Mogoboya, who died a few years ago, had struggled to popularise his fiefdom, but without success.

They have called on the provincial government to promote their area.