ANC remains bigger than any single leaders

Gwede Mantashe has attacked certain comrades and accused them of putting a leader above the ANC.

But not so long ago Julius Malema, the worst ANCYL leader in the history of the movement, said he was prepared to "kill for Zuma".

Senior Alliance leader Zwelinzima Vavi uttered similar sentiments. At the time Mantashe never said that these comrades put loyalty or love for JZ above the ANC.

The leaders who resigned from the cabinet explained their reasons, as did Mbhazima Shilowa. They said it was a question of principle.

Mantashe must ask himself whether he is serving the ANC or JZ? He said the ANC was not divided then contradicted himself by saying that recalling Thabo Mbeki was necessary to unify the movement.

Mbeki appealed aspects of Judge Chris Nicholson's judgment, much to Mantashe's and the NEC's disapproval, but when JZ appeals every judgment it is acceptable and supported.

The ANC is much bigger than any person. There are many capable individuals who can step into any position and serve with distinction.

We need to double our efforts to ensure that the ANC wins the next elections by a vast majority. Then it is up to us all to remove some people from the NEC because we do not need hypocrites in the ANC.

Practice what you preach comrades in the NEC. At the next conference in 2012 we will correct the mess.

Rudolph Raphael, Witbank