Revived Stimela still has what it takes

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Stimela gave a splendid performance during the band's first revival show in Polokwane at the weekend,

It was moving to see the entire group, plus a few new members, reuniting with old and new fans.

Having gone their separate ways in the mid-90s, the members came together to once again unleash the powerful sounds that made them popular all over the country.

Stimela is scheduled to tour the country to show its fans that the band is very much alive and kicking.

The revival show in Limpopo was characterised by gyrations by Stimela's lead singer Raymond "Chikapa" Phiri. He mesmerised the audience with his nimble body.

Performing at the Jembe Tavern on Sunday night, the band brought back lots of memories from the past two decades. Fans were very impressed with the group's rendition of their songs of yesteryear.

With a few new members the group's seasoned performers, drummer Isaac Mtshali, keyboardist Lloyd Lelosa and lead singer Nana "Coyote" Motijoane, proved they still have what it takes.

Phiri said he was launching the revival campaign to punt Stimela's latest live recordings aimed at celebrating the group's 25 years of existence.

Phiri said: "We will continue to play songs that are familiar to the audience. We are also enjoying ourselves on stage and it feels good to see father and son enjoying our music."

Tumi Mokwena, TM Productions boss, said preparations are on for similar shows in other provinces as part of Stimela's revival.

Limpopo, said Mokwena, will have another show for Stimela in the near future.