Police drive hookers out of Kinross

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Police at Kinross in Mpumalanga have driven prostitutes out of the tiny town and continue to patrol the streets at night to prevent them from returning.

This follows the gruesome death of a couple who were bonking at a disused railway station two weeks ago.

The couple - the woman said to be a hooker - allegedly ignored warning hoots from the goods train that hit them while they had sex on September 19.

Police found the place littered with used condoms shortly after the incident.

The disused railway station has been described as a haven for hookers.

Some hookers meet clients at the taverns next to the station and prefer to take them to the deserted area at night for sex.

Kinross police spokesman Constable Esther Nhlapo told Sowetan yesterday that the situation had improved since police introduced "Operation Hlasela" more than a week ago.

She confirmed that there was an influx of prostitutes from other areas to service motorists and truck drivers passing through Kinross, mainly at night.

"During the day they are nowhere to be seen in town," Nhlapo said.

"They operate mainly on the outskirts of town where they are not known."

He said police could not arrest them because prostitution had been decriminalised.