NFD teams told to exercise patience

Matome Lebea

Matome Lebea

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) yesterday appealed to the National First Division (NFD) clubs to be a little more patient regarding the introduction of their knockout competition.

The appeal was made by Ronnie Schloss, the PSL's chief operations officer, after NFD clubs voiced their concern about a lack of competitions for them.

"The league's executive committee is waiting for the confirmation from the potential sponsor's board of directors. Immediately after the confirmation we will reschedule the fixture," Schloss told Sowetan yesterday.

"We are appealing to the clubs to be patient because it is difficult to clinch a sponsorship deal. We will do all that is possible to assist the clubs."

The clubs are aware of the situation but their concern is that it is now the second weekend without action after the weekend of September 20 and 21 was set aside for the competition that never took off.

"These off-action weekends impact negatively on us, it is not good for the players. As the squatters in the PSL, we do not have a say. I am confident they will find a remedy to the problem, otherwise they must bring the fixtures forward," Jomo Sono, Jomo Cosmos' owner, said.

Those who share his sentiments include Kwesi Masondo, FC AK's manager; Basil Mohalane, Carara Kicks' manager; and Joshua Ndwandwe, Nathi Lions' manager.

"The league must get their acts together." Masondo said. "It is painful because when you start to play well there is an unexpected break. This is disturbing as it also happened last season, and it must come to an end."