Mouthwash tingles leave his gums numb

City Sesla is one of SABC's favourite comedies, not in small part thanks to Meren Reddy, who plays the role of Gary Moodley, the character with an uncanny knack of saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time.

Gary seems to bumble his way through life. If he's not getting his dead aunt's urn stuck on his hand, it's getting his tie caught in the door, or his foot stuck in his mouth.

To freshen up his mouth after all that foot tasting, we asked Reddy to test five top mouthwash brands to reveal which is the best at removing all hints of stinky foot from the breath.

Reddy is a frequent mouthwash user and admits to being brand loyal to Listerine, which he says has a strong flavour and a satisfying tingle to the gums.

Listerine claims to kill the germs that cause plaque, gingivitis and bad breath, strengthening teeth against cavities. It has a fresh, toothpasty smell and comes in a plastic bottle.

The small, round, white capped bottle that contains Listermint's fresh mouthwash appeals to Reddy the most.

"It fits nicely into your hand and feels comfortable as you take your swig," he says.

"It's minty with the right amount of strength without being overpowering. It has a full-bodied aftertaste, with some berry flavours coming through and would go well after a creme brulee," he jokes.

"I could easily change to this brand."

Clicks Pro Mouthwash 2-in-1 contains a whitening ingredient which is a good selling point.

Reddy says: "It's very strong and tastes medicinal. It has more chemical taste. I definitely wouldn't choose this one."

Moving on to Colgate's Plax Soft Mint, Reddy's mouth is starting to take a bit of strain.

"This is good practice for my role as the villain in the new Mr Bones movie, where I have to pull a sour face. My mouth is numb, I can't smile. Either this mouthwash is very mild or I'm becoming desensitised. There is hardly any aftertaste, which defeats the object."

Dentyl is the only mouthwash that doesn't contain alcohol. It has two distinct layers that must be shaken well to mix before mouthwashing.

It promises 18 hours of fresh breath and claims to show you the results of your cleansing in the sink - causes of bad breath are removed and revealed.

Reddy's opinion: "There is no kick whatsoever and it has a very strange flavour. I wouldn't choose this one, despite the novelty. It freaks me out that it gets separated the way it does."

All the five mouthwashes had eaten through and melted the polystyrene cups that we had spat them into. Not a great indication of what the formula must have on our sensitive enamel.