Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

The Health and Welfare Education and Training Seta (HWSETA) has confirmed that the African Gainako Poverty Alleviation Project, a pyramid scheme masquerading as an NGO in Soweto, is a fly-by-night operation.

The seta is enraged that the college, run by Senegalese Sane Salif, is allegedly using its name and logo to milk poor and desperate residents of the township.

The college does not allow students to write exams unless each introduces two other students for enrolment.

Sowetan approached the seta with a certificate awarded to a woman, who asked not to be named, after she had completed a three-week call centre and computer course last year.

The certificate contains the logos of the seta, department of education, city and guilds and two other companies, whose names are not legible.

Another name, Southampton Training Institute, also appears on the certificate.

Seta spokesman Shirly Pressly described the certificate as a worthless piece of paper.

She said: "We don't even need to look for them in our database because we don't deal with organisations that offer training in call centre and computer courses.

"We work with service providers in the health and welfare sector."

She said the certificate has no value and the seta would institute legal action.

Pressly acknowledged that another man, not Salif, who told them he was from the Southampton Training Institute, had approached them for accreditation in May 2006.

"We gave him a temporary provider accreditation," she said. "It was only for six months and we no longer issue them. We will take legal action against the institution."

The woman said she hoped to get a job after graduating from the institution.

"I applied for jobs using this certificate," she said.

"But I never even received a response from any of the agencies I contacted."