Polo: Classically yours

Charl Wilken

Charl Wilken

With times getting more difficult on the economic front, people tend to scale down when it comes to vehicles - to save not only on the initial buying costs but also to save on the fuel bill by buying a smaller displacement engine.

A good example of a car that still gives its buyer great quality, performance and versatility is the Volkswagen Polo Classic.

The popularity of the Polo is clearly seen in car sales released each month. Month after month the Polo tops the charts for best selling vehicle in its segment.

Our used test car for this week, a 2006 Volkswagen Polo Classic 1,6 Trendline, comes from Auto Pedigree in Meadowdale. The previous owner clearly loved the vehicle as it is in great condition - from the spotless interior through to its paintwork.

This might not be one of the largest family sedans on the market but it seats four adults comfortably and with its big boot, everyone's luggage fits in easily.

The contemporary design of the Polo, combined with its practicality, makes it suitable for the needs of a very diverse market.

Our used car has done a mere 55000km which makes it almost as good as new. Driving it is a pleasure and its excellent turning circle makes city driving easy.

Fuel economy is one of its best attributes. One can easily get 12-13km a litre without having to drive at an extra slow speed. Its four cylinder 1,6litre powerplant uses a five-speed manual gearbox to deliver power to the front wheels.

The Polo also comes with aircon, front-loading CD player, power steering and electric windows in front.