'I create a problem for the ANC'

Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

Former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa says the ANC should learn to deal with dissension in its ranks and not regard members who hold opposing views as traitors.

"In my view those of us who are in the ANC have a duty to ensure that there is a balance between open debate and discipline," Shilowa said

He was speaking during an interview with 702 Talk Radio yesterday

"It is important to continually enhance our unity in diversity," he said. "Because if we do not have this balance I create a problem for the ANC and the government."

Shilowa announced his resignation on Monday saying he could not "with conviction, publicly explain or defend the national executive committee decision on comrade Thabo Mbeki".

Yesterday Shilowa said the decision by the ANC leadership to recall Mbeki was "fundamentally wrong".

Mbeki was recalled after comments by Pietermaritzburg high court Judge Chris Nicholson inferring that the former president and some of his cabinet ministers had interfered with the national prosecuting authority decision to prosecute ANC president Jacob Zuma.

Shilowa was censured by the ANC leadership after he made pro-Mbeki statements following the ruling.

He then warned that getting rid of Mbeki would lead to resignations in the cabinet and could lead to divisions in the party.

He also warned the ANC to deal with its members who are disgruntled about the decision to axe Mbeki.