Farm animals in focus

Namhla Tshisela

Namhla Tshisela

Violence can be traced to society's treatment of animals and children, Earthlife Africa (ELA) has said.

"If children learn at an early age to be kind to all animals and appreciate them in all their glory, the world would be a better place," said ELA's Warwick Humphris.

An organisation of environmental and social justice, ELA has expressed concern about modern farming's methods and has condemned South Africa for using "gestation cages" to breed pigs. The cages limit the movement of the animals, driving them into a state of psychosis, said ELA.

As the world commemorates World Week for Farm Animals from today, few farm animals enjoy free movement and kind treatment from farmers.

ELA and animal rights groups have organised services at churches of various denominations for the past five years to mark World Week for Farm Animals.

Congregations are asked to reflect on improving their attitude to animals and to view them as deserving of respect and compassion.

Sandra Spicer, of the Vegetarian Society of SA, called on all South Africans to mark World Week for Farm Animals by acknowledging their suffering and making a determined effort to become vegetarian.

This would release animals from cruelty and also improve people's health, she said.