Petrol down to R9,24 per litre tonight

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Motorists can rub their hands in glee for yet another drop in the price of fuel.

At midnight, 93 octane, commonly used in Gauteng, will drop by 27c from R9,51 to R9,24 a litre, while coastal 95 octane will drop by 25c to R9,17 a litre.

This is the third time in row that the petrol price has dropped recently. In August it went down by 27 cents a litre while diesel went down by 16 cents.

At the beginning of the month it decreased by between 69c and 78c a litre.

Diesel prices will also decrease, with 0,05 percent sulphur decreasing by 56c to R9,27 and 0.005 percent by 55c to R9,14 .

Wholesale paraffin decreases by 65c to R7,42 a litre and illuminating paraffin by 87c to R6,96 a litre.

Automobile Association spokesman Gary Ronald said: "We were very much expecting the news. We should see food prices being stabilised on the market shelves. Hopefully transport fares will also decrease."