Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Multi-award-winning artist DJ Cleo is traumatised after his protege and cousin, Bleksem, called him a "son of a bitch" - in public nogal.

Cleophas Monyepao, or DJ Cleo as he is popularly known, had a public spat with Bleksem, real name Samuel Monyepao, during a video shoot in Sandton.

The fight was sparked by the popular DJ's refusal to be featured on Bleksem's latest CD.

"At first we all thought it was a joke. Bleksem lost it and called him (DJ Cleo) a son of a bitch," said a source close to both.

When contacted yesterday the producer extraordinaire reluctantly confirmed the incident.

He said: "It is amazing how he could call me such names when my mother is his aunt. I am disappointed. I expect this kind of thing from other artists but not my own cousin."

The popular DJ said he had good reason for refusing to be on Bleksem's video, called Skepsel.

"TV stations are reluctant to play my videos concurrently with those of, say, Brickz because I am also featured in his DVD," he said. They feel I am all over."

The source added that the two nearly exchanged blows.

Bleksem is the new kwaito prodigy of Will of Steel Productions.

Yesterday Bleksem appeared to have calmed down.

"I said things I should not have said because emotions were running high," he says "I panicked because my album is supposed to come out this week."

DJ Cleo said the matter was being handled by their family.