Swazi takes to Igagasi airwaves

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Swazi Dlamini's entry into the Igagasi FM line-up is yet another confirmation of her talent and versatility.

Dlamini has become part and parcel of the Durban radio station's afternoon drive-time show Ziphikhwama.

Dlamini says while she is over the moon about her new job , she is by no means turning her back on her dazzling music career.

"I am spreading my wings and in the process making it a bit easier for our listeners through varied fare on The Way Kungakhona slot. Here we simply address day-to-day bread-andbutter issues.

"Sizubhuti advises men on the challenges and the curve balls life throws at them," the talented jazz singer says about the show that is produced by Smangele Mbatha.

"We hold their hands in our quest to see them effectively deal with challenges they encounter in their daily lives."

Often applauded for her versatility and gift for brilliantly arranged standards, Dlamini says she stumbled into her job while doing a series of interviews.

"Most of the interviews I did would end up interactive, generating an interesting platform for discourse," she says.

"I suppose I was so immersed in the subjects it never dawned on me that somebody was listening and taking note.

"So it turned out to be a pleasant surprise when Patrick Bogatsu approached me about joining this vibrant Igagasi crew.

"It is going to be a new experience, but as somebody who loves to push the envelope I am extremely intrigued and up to the challenge. Now that I am in, I can't believe my luck."

She is adamant that she is not lost to the jazz arena nor does she plan to exchange her studio desktop for the microphone.