Refugees left out in the open

Katlego Moeng

Katlego Moeng

The Akasia police, Tshwane officials and Home Affairs have all reacted with shock at the dismantling of the shelter housing refugees in Pretoria.

Refugees who were being accommodated at the Akasia shelter in Tshwane have been left in the open after the army and Red Ants removed their tents.

Red Ants security chief executive, Johan Bosch, said he could not disclose who hired him.

Police Captain Patrick Mokhabela said: "We know nothing. Nobody briefed us."

Tshwane spokesman Console Tleane said: "We withdrew our staff in August so I don't know what is happening at that camp."

Yusuf Mustafah of the Institute for Islamic Services said: "The tents belong to the army and for the past month they have said they need the tents back. So this was not out of the blue. But we are still providing food for the 800 people at the shelter."

Tleane said: "The City will explore ways on what to do about the situation as soon as possible."