Lips good enough to eat

SOFT AND SMOOTH: Sade Gilberti tries and tests a variety of lip blames.Pic. Tebogo Letsie. Pic. Unknown.
SOFT AND SMOOTH: Sade Gilberti tries and tests a variety of lip blames.Pic. Tebogo Letsie. Pic. Unknown.

Sade Giliberti is best known for presenting a variety of children's shows on the SABC1 kids' programming block YOTV. After a stint in London she is back on our sunny shores where she presents the South African version of the reality competition So You Think You Can Dance?

She's glad to be back home and hosting one of SABC's most popular shows, but she admits that this crazy weather is playing havoc with her skin. It's sweltering for a week and then it's really cold, and it hasn't rained for months, making the Highveld even drier than usual for this time of year.

Lip balm has become an essential. Without it lips just crack and peel.

Sade has tried a lot of brands and we asked her expert opinion in deciding which was the best all-rounder for moisture, texture, comfort and looks.

"The Original Lip-Ice is waxy and it's hard going to apply it," she says.

"You have to apply it with a lot of force and about 40 times before you feel like you've got some on. Then you have to worry about having white gunk all over your lips."

This isn't the brand that Giliberti would choose.

"I don't like the feeling of this balm on my lips. It's uncomfortable because it's much too thick. I also find the packaging a bit bulky; I prefer the old design."

Labello will always be a classic. "I'm a massive Labello fan. If I'm undecided about which brand to choose I can always feel confident that Labello is a good choice," Giliberti says.

Like most other lip balms though, she agrees that it gets pretty addictive.

"Once you've applied lip balm you need to keep on applying it, otherwise lips do get dry."

The Clicks brand is also a good choice, according to Giliberti.

"It's soft and easy to apply and has a very moisturising affect," she says.

Blistex Complete Moisture lip balm comes in a compact shiny blue tube that appeals to Giliberti.

"It's very soft and moisturising, just as the name claims. This brand is excellent. It offers complete moisture that you can feel."

Giliberti keeps her long-time favourite lip balm for last. Soft Lips lip balm applies smoothly and smells amazing, she says.

"I really like this one but it makes you feel like you want to eat your own lips."