Police must do their job

Police are the upholders of law and order.

Police are the upholders of law and order.

They are also bound by the law to provide protection to victims of crime.

It is against this background that we are disturbed by claims by a Johannesburg taxi owner that police are reluctant to arrest the main culprit behind the spate of taxi killings in Gauteng.

Breeze Dlamini, a member of the Faraday Taxi Association's Bree Street branch in Johannesburg, has written letters to Gauteng MEC for safety and security complaining about police corruption.

Despite having told a senior police officer that he had witnessed the murders of three of his colleagues, no statement had been taken from him.

Sixteen people, most of whom were members of Dlamini's association, were shot dead in taxi-related violence from May last year to early this year.

These claims of corruption must be viewed in a serious light because they implicate the police in acts of violence that has plagued the taxi industry for a long time.

Information supplied by Dlamini should be probed and tested. The ministry of safety and security must act swiftly and probe the claims.

All that Dlamini and law-abiding South Africans want is justice. And that can only be achieved if the police do their job.