I want a man to tame me

OUT OF IT: Latoya entertains the crowd after being evicted. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 22/09/2008.
OUT OF IT: Latoya entertains the crowd after being evicted. Pic. Veli Nhlapo. 22/09/2008.

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

"I want a man to tame me," Latoya said after she was evicted from the Big Brother Africa 3 house on Sunday.

Latoya let Tanzania down after their great showing in the past two Big Brother shows.

In 2007 they went a notch further when Richard Bezuidenhout took home the $100000 prize money against all odds.

An unrepentant Latoya said: "It will be unfair for people to compare my showing at the BBA3 house to that of Richard.

"We are different people with different personalities. I did not go there to emulate him. I was determined to be me and I think I succeeded.

"Besides, these are different housemates in a different Big Brother house."

On her first day out of the house she said: "It feels liberating. Now I really know what time it is. Inside it felt a bit oppressive at times, mostly because we are not taken seriously."

She acknowledged that she became the architect of her downfall through her lack of assertiveness.

On bed hopping, she said: "I was close to Ricco and, yes, did kiss him. If I were to meet Ricco out of the house I am not sure what would happen. I know it could never be something serious.

"I was still getting to know him when I was sent to the Rubbish Bin. Perhaps I now know he is not boyfriend material for me. He is still very young. I am still young, kinky and naive. I am looking for a mature man to calm me down.

Latoya, who was a secretary before coming to BBA3, said: "It was my destiny. I was just working to raise funds towards my studies, which I intend pursuing now. Big Brother has provided me with a platform to my dream career, the entertainment field.

"I want to do special effects, make up, choreography, acting and dancing. This will extend to video making. As I gain experience, I hope to be famous and rich.

"When I get back I will spend time with my family and friends.

"Now that my profile has been raised, I know I am going back to the same life only it's going to be much better this time around."