Who leaves BBA3 house on Sunday?

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

After three weeks of lolling in Big Brother Africa 3 house, the eviction reality finally sets in last Sunday.

This was when Botswana's Tawana and Tanzania's Latoya got the highest nomination for eviction from the housemates. Shocked and unsettled, the other housemates finally realised that the holiday was not only over but why they were in the house for.

Kenya's Sheila, who was one of the possible candidates for eviction, was for once lost for words. She managed to snap out of her depression when she got saved, immediately dispelling the gloom that had settled at the leafy BBA house on her return.

For some reason, Botswana nationals seem destined to make the first exit from the house. Justice, who was highly commended for his intelligence, nonetheless found himself the first to be evicted -- although it was BBB3's mock eviction. Now Tawana and Latoya's fate lies in the public vote. All shall be revealed on Sunday.

Latoya, who shared a bed with Uganda's Morris, later warmed Ricco's bed. Interestingly, instead of amusing Africa like Tatiana in the last BBA3, she seems to have raised their ire. She got the highest votes for eviction.