Gang of hijackers terrorise two schools

Sne Masuku

Sne Masuku

Teachers at schools in KwaNongoma in Zululand believe that there is a syndicate of hijackers operating in the area.

About three weeks ago a female teacher at the Bhobhobho High School was shot and killed in a hijacking not far from the school.

Now a group of thugs is terrorising another school by demanding that teachers open the school gates for them because they need water or want to use a toilet.

The three men, believed to be the same suspects who allegedly shot and killed the 44-year-old teacher, Thembisile Mngomezulu, have also tried to gain entry to another school, Kwansele Primary, under the pretext of wanting get water to drink from the school tap.

When teachers refused to open the gate for them they drove off in a Toyota Hilux but kept on coming back. They were still refused entry.

They warned that next time they would enter the premises forcibly.

The teachers said they believed that the gang was the same group of men who were involved in the hijacking incident in which Mngomezulu was shot and killed.

The chairman of the National Teachers Union on the KwaNongoma circuit yesterday said: "Since Mngomezulu's killing schools in the area are keeping their gates locked all day.

"Where schools are not fenced teachers are forced to leave their vehicles at home and travel by public transport."

He said learning at both schools has been disrupted because teachers feared for their lives.

He said the school did not have a security guard and attempts over the years to get the Department of Education to deploy security guards had fallen on deaf ears.

Teacher unions have been calling for the Department of Education to deploy security guards at schools.