Making a connection down by the seaside

Woolworths and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront have a few things in common.

They both offer shoppers everything that their consumerist hearts could desire under one roof, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Food, beverages, clothing, gifts and accessories abound in these shopping Meccas.

Like a modern-day bazaar within a bazaar, Woolworths completes the shopping experience that has drawn tourists from around the world to explore the many facets of this popular mall in its beautiful seaside setting.

To add another convenience to their customers' shopping trolleys, Woolworths at The V&A has launched a new store, Connect, within their larger retail space.

Anyone who's ever faced the dilemma of selecting a new cellphone will appreciate the lengths to which Woolworths has gone to simplify the process at their new-look "connect" department at their newly renovated waterfront branch where, instead of a single counter, there's now a comprehensive store-within-a-store offering a wider range of cellular and digital merchandise.

The phones have also been separated into three categories to make the selection process simpler: work, play and easy.

"While we want to offer our customers as wide a selection as possible, we also want to make it easier to choose a phone that suits their particular needs," explains Gabriel Pansegrouw, head of Connect, Woolworths.

"By separating the handsets into three lifestyle types, we've narrowed the range they need to consider when making their selection."

Businesspeople looking for multifunctional handsets that can keep them in touch with their businesses with voice, e-mail and Internet connectivity will find what they're looking for in the "work" section.

Those who want a simple, easy-to-use cellphone can now go directly to the "easy" section - while those who enjoy using their phones for music, pictures, videos and games - as well as for calls and text messaging - will find a wide selection of handsets under the "play" category.

For all gadget geeks out there the new connect will also keep up to date with the latest digital products such as Garmin navigation systems and Apple iPods, IPod accessories and docking stations.

"This is the first connect store of its type," says Pansegrouw. "We are also looking forward to rolling it out to other stores around the country."