Kitchens are not just for cooking

The kitchen is much more than a place to cook and eat. It's a kind of family headquarters.

The kitchen is much more than a place to cook and eat. It's a kind of family headquarters.

According to Thomas Smith of Smith Decor kitchen designs have lately crossed the barrier of being a place only meant to cook in.

Nowadays innovative inputs are shaping them into a hub that will support, serve and shape a variety of activities - even entertainment.

"No matter what you do to your living room everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen," Smith says. "So why not spend a little time and a bit of money giving your kitchen an inexpensive makeover?"

He says kitchen decor should provide a feeling of spaciousness, brightness and enjoyment.

What kitchen trends are in?

According to Smith one of the greatest underlying themes in kitchen decorating is bold personalisation.

"There is a lot of colour, materials and designs in the kitchen, depending on the look they're going for," he says. "Kitchen decor has become a canvas for bolder decorating choices that suit your personality."

Smith says styles, spaces and gadgets that work best for how you use the kitchen are current decorating themes. He says unique and edgy decor is also popular.

"You can create a beautiful kitchen, recreate a beautiful kitchen or add a beautiful touch to your already beautiful kitchen."

These are what you can add.

Kitchen tiles

The tiles in your kitchen are important for the overall look. Replace them when they seem to stand out in an unsightly way.


Curtains can make all the difference. Depending on the size and style of your kitchen, they can become the focal point.

Curtains that are pleasing to the eye can be the most impressive piece of kitchen decor you can buy.


The colour green and the freshness of the room that only plants can provide is a great touch for almost any room.

Hanging plants and flowers are among the most popular items of kitchen decor.

Along with hanging plants, potted plants, and even little herb gardens for the windowsill, can make a great contribution.

Table and chairs

The other of the two primary functions of the kitchen is completely provided by your choice of table and chairs.

You want a table and chairs that are pleasing to the eye and that tie in with the overall look of the kitchen. The table and chairs are an essential part of the decor.


Often items such as soap dispensers, baking supplies, dinnerware, linens and hand towels, knife sets, appliances, wine racks, tea sets, drying racks, decorative shelves, dinner trays, decorative cabinets, candy dishes, trash cans, a window thermometer, clocks, wall decor, paper-towel holders, rolling pins, cutting boards, baskets and so on come in very beautiful designs.

These are just a few of the extras you can add to your kitchen to give it a more stylish, elegant, luxurious or trendy look.


One of the biggest and hottest trends in kitchens is increased and stylish storage.

From oversized pot racks that hang from the ceiling to drawers built to stow away the microwave, storage plays a huge role in kitchen design.

Frosted glass, veneer and metal accents are all making a comeback, featured on shelf doors, drawers and racks of all kinds.

Drawer and cupboard inserts used to arrange everything from cook-ware to glasses are also popular.