Volvo went to town in design of classy C70

Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser

Want to feel like a million bucks but prepared to spend only half of that? Well the Volvo C70 convertible might just be your answer.

The design of the latest C70, launched locally late last year, is a far cry from its predecessor.

Yep, this time around the Swedes have gone to town in the design stakes and came up with a low-slung cruiser that will have many a motorist drooling in envy.

The most noticeable change is in the roof. Gone is the cloth top and in its place the more practical and attractive retractable hard top.

At the press of a button it neatly folds away into the boot and with Gauteng's weather warming up nicely, that's where it stayed for the majority of the week we had it on test.

Typically Swedish, the C70 oozes class in an understated manner.

Volvo is renowned for its safety features and the C70 comes up trumps in that department.

ABS brakes all round, dynamic stability traction control and air bags front and side give some peace of mind.

In the unlikely event of you rolling the C70 with its roof down, a roll-over protection system kicks in automatically and hopefully saves your head finding a home in another part of your body!

During the week Road Rave had the car, I used any excuse to take to the road.

"Drop off tapes for editing in Soweto." Sure, not a problem. "Help me pick up my car from servicing in Sandton," asked a colleague. I'm on my way.

Soft, chocolate-brown leather seats, leather steering wheel and gearstick. But best of all was a Dynaudio sound system that is pumped out through 10 speakers!

Distance parking control, heated front seats, xenon lights, climate control, adjustable seats (electric) . you will find it all in the C70 plus a whack more.